Wendy is a 500hr certified yoga instructor teaching PhysioFlow yoga.  
This style of yoga is a dynamic, low impact and energizing yoga form putting full focus on developing core strength. The foundation to this style is the physiotherapeutic aspect, focusing on healthy, safe & gentle joint motion. 

Physio Flow Yoga makes us aware of what the body is doing correctly. The sequences are designed to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Physio Flow Yoga begins with precisely executed alignment and combines active, invigorating poses with smooth transitions using the power of your breath.  

Every class offers a different theme, where focus is put on specific postures and muscle groups to open, lengthen, stretch & strengthen. It is one of the greatest ways to connect to your body and to feel your aliveness.  

Every class ends in savasana with a well deserved relaxing neck massage and a balancing essential oil.

Wendy teaches Physio Flow Yoga Wednesdays 09:30-11:00